Wednesday, May 6, 2009

temp job filled

The services of this formerly out-of-work conductor (name: "Barlow") have been retained for our next book, The Sweetly Diabolic Art of Jim Flora, scheduled for August publication by Fantagraphics. Barlow has been hired as the volume's Gallery Guide. As such, he will stand sentinel-like at the beginning of each book section, with dotted lines emerging from his torso indicating chapter titles orbiting in close proximity. He earned the nod over six competing spot illustrations, who sulked away disappointed and simmering with resentment at the lucky Barlow.

In a former life, Barlow was a famous Columbia recording artist. He is seen above posing for a full-page ad in the June 1942 edition of Stadium Concerts Review, wearing the fashionable goalie mask for which he was renowned on the podium.

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