Thursday, May 21, 2009

Louis Armstrong's Hot 5 print

Now available: a limited edition (25) fine art print of Flora's 1947 Columbia album cover for Louis Armstrong's Hot 5. This print was commissioned from Jim Flora Art by Hypergallery, a UK dealer who specializes in reproductions of classic album cover art, and is available exclusively through their website.

The print was produced by Flora archivist Barbara Economon from a vintage printer's proof sheet in the Flora collection. Each print in the edition was hand-signed by Joel Flora, the son of the late artist, for added provenance. Besides being a fine artist in his own right, Joel was born in 1947, the same year his father produced the Armstrong illustration.

The work will not be reissued as a print in any other format in the future.


Harley said...

It's my favorite illustration in the world! :^D

Way out of my price range. :-(

Irwin Chusid said...

FYI, we didn't set the retail price. We accepted the commission for a flat fee, and that's it. We have no further involvement with the edition. But it sure looks great. Joel Flora's signature adds provenance, which partly explains the higher price.

Harley said...

Oh, I'm not complaining. I'm just lamenting a sad truth. I admire the work that you do.

I hope the moneyed have as deep of an appreciation for this image as I do.


Ernie said...

That's not a bad likeness for a man who didn't do likenesses.