Saturday, June 21, 2008

Primer for Prophets 2nd series

NOW AVAILABLE: the next four works in the Primer for Prophets screen print series. Cool Flora illustrations of the American nuclear family (and their weird pets) during the 1950s, when donuts and cake were considered essential nutrients, little girls could multi-task with brushes, and dogs craved beer!

The images derive from a 1954 trade-only alphabet booklet that Flora illustrated for CBS-TV. The second set of prints features KISSED, COOKED, GROOMED, and QUAFFED. Edition of 100 (each image), hand-numbered and authenticated. Each individual print sells for $50. A FULL SET of four prints can be purchased for $175.00 thru any of the above single-print pages at

The first series (ATE, DROVE, JIVED, and SMOKED) is still available as a set or individually. Prices have been raised to $60/print (except JIVED: $125) and $200/set due to depletion of stock. Prices will continue to rise as we sell down.

If you want all eight prints for $350, contact us.

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