Monday, May 18, 2009

Standing on the Corner

There are five figures in this undated (late 1960s-early 1970s) Flora tempera, owned by Eric Kohler (who purchased it from the artist in the early 1990s). Two are extracted above. They—and their three unseen compatriots—will not be featured in our forthcoming third Flora anthology.

There's plenty of great unpublished images for volume four (target publication date 2012). Sorry if we're getting ahead of ourselves.


Harley said...

This is glorious.

They remind me of those pieces of cheapo nougat with the spheres of colored jelly "fruit" that came in those bags of junk candy that they hang in supermarkets.

Remember those?

J.D. King said...

Word on the cartoonist street is that you've got a little factory of Flora imitators cranking out brand new "old Floras."

T or F, sir?!?

Irwin Chusid said...

After extended consultation with our $550/hr legal team, I have been advised to issue the following statement on behalf of the Fabulous Flora Fine Art Factory:

"No comment, sir."

Please direct further questions to that unicorn you rode in on.

J.D. King said...

The hell you say, sir!

The modern blog commenter refuses to ride away on a unicorn!

Harley said...

a little factory of Flora imitators cranking out brand new "old Floras."Dream job! I wanna be one of these magical Flora elves!

J.D. King said...

"...I wanna be one of these magical Flora elves!"

Fine. All you have to do is move to China, find one of Irwin's many faux-Flora sweatshops and prepare to work like a dog for one penny per year.

Irwin Chusid said...

JD, you have a regrettably dour view of our fine outsourcing program. Last month hundreds of Chinese elves competed for a mere dozen available production positions at our facility in Yuangshuo.