Saturday, May 30, 2009

Jazz Quintet

This untitled 1943 Flora tempera, casually referred to as "Jazz Quintet," was our second limited edition fine art print, issued in early 2008. At the time, we were uncertain about the market potential of Flora works in archival-quality inkjet format, so we opted for a short-run edition of ten. We recently sold the sixth print, and the price for remaining prints has consequently increased (reflecting depleted supply).

This is an iconic early Flora work, and though we prefer to offer Flora prints at "affordable" rates, we quickly came to regret limiting the edition to ten. Scarcity drives up prices, but it's a decision we (and the market) have to live with. When this edition sells out, it will not be reissued in large display format, only in reduced portfolio size (and even that's a mere "maybe"). Our first print, 63rd Street, was also issued in an edition of ten, and only one print remains. All subsequent fine art prints (except silk screens and woodcuts) have been issued in editions between twenty and thirty.

The original Jazz Quintet art is owned by a Floraphile in Canada.

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Andrew Brown said...

Incredible...hard to believe this wasn't published.