Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Deeper into Flora

This is a test.

Go here.

In the green menu at the left, click "request a song."

Select a letter (or a number) at the top — any one.

Select an artist — any artist. One you know, one you don't — it's just a drill. (Caveat: a band whose name begins with "The" appears under "T." Hence, there are more "T" artists than any other letter.)

Click on album title (not cover thumbnail).

Request a song -- any song. It's just a drill.

Note pop-up window illustration. Smile a little. Please?

As long as you're Deeper Into Music, stick around and listen. Is there another station in the galaxy where "The Death of Ferdinand De Saussure" by Magnetic Fields and "Shang a Dang Dang" by Lambchop are in heavy rotation?

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