Sunday, November 21, 2010

Flora books arrayed

Shelf display of Flora kiddie books in the office of Cynthia Johnson, director of the Rowayton (CT) Library. The glass-enclosed office is nestled behind the checkout counter, so patrons can view the display. (The plush creatures are non-Floracentric, but companionate.)

Cynthia is producing a jigsaw puzzle of a 1980 cartoon map of the town rendered by its illustrious Citizen Flora, a resident from 1946 to his death in 1998. The puzzle should be available soon at the library, and will be announced on this blog. Cynthia also plans to host separate presentations about Flora's children's literature and his fine art legacy early in 2011.

Photo: Beth Sorrentino


Ernie said...

Is that all the Flora kiddie books? I know I've read the number on here somewhere, but I don't remember the total. I like how the one book is on inter-library loan. :)

Irwin Chusid said...

Ernie: The phrase "kiddie books" contains a hyperlink in the post, redirecting to a page at displaying all Flora's books (17 self-penned, three more which he just illustrated).

Ernie said...

Whoops, I must have missed that. :)

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