Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Errant Postulant

Two characters, five legs. This acrylic on canvas (15-3/4" x 20", late 1990s) almost made it into our forthcoming book, but was edged out by a plethora of prominent works. Flora produced some interesting, mystifying paintings in his final decade (after, by his own admission, "painting myself out of boats" in the late 1980s). Above is a low-grade snapshot corrected in Photoshop; the recently discovered work has not yet been professionally documented.

A postulant is someone who submits a request or applies for admission, especially into a religious order. Errant means straying, deviating from a proper course, or roving adventurously. Like, y'know, Julie Andrews.

UPDATE (10 May 09): The work was professionally photographed last week and is now slated for reproduction as a fine art print later this year.


Matt said...

wow - this is really great! I had no idea.

Bill Ross said...

This piece is AWESOME! When does the forthcoming book go public?

Irwin Chusid said...

The book is on track for AUG or SEPT publication. Meanwhile, Barb and I have decided to issue Errant Postulant as a fine art print later this year. It is scheduled to be professionally photographed next week, and working with the digital file, Barb will produce a limited edition print. The dimensions of the original work can probably be retained on a 17" x 22" sheet. We'll post on the blog and website when the print is available.