Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Anybody own this?

Above is a rare Flora mid-1950s cover. (Granted, not one of his more spectacular illustrations.) We don't recall where we obtained this lo-res gif, but it's the only proof we've ever seen of this 7" EP's existence. We've been trawling for it on eBay and thru online rare vinyl dealers for years, with no success.

We'd like to own a copy. We don't care about the condition of the disc—it can be scuffed, gouged, or chipped. It can be melted or missing. The music is irrelevant. We just want to "listen to" the cover art.

UPDATE (10 JUL 07): eBay score!

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Ernie said...

I'm sure you'll get all excited when you see a response to this particular post, but I'm afraid I don't have this record either. But your comments about not wanting the music bother me. Am I the only one who sees these great Flora covers and wonders what the music sounds like? I want to hear the sound of cats mamboing. I want to be jolly with Pete. (Wait, it's going to take a sec for me to come up with another one...) I want to, well, hear what sounds come out of those twisted instruments played by four-armed, five-legged musicians.

Has any of the music from these great albums been re-released with these covers? I can't afford the over-priced originals, since people seem to be willing to pay so much money and then not care about the vinyl inside. How can I hear the music?