Monday, September 26, 2011

road rage (1958)

The miserable family road trip. Commercial spot illustration, 1958, magazine and subject unknown. Pen & ink and watercolor on artist board. Three additional thematically unrelated spot illos were arrayed on the board.


Ernie said...

Welcome back. If you're gonna throw up stuff this good, feel free to take all the time off between posts you need. :) Love those kids and antennas. And a satellite dish, how prophetic.

Irwin Chusid said...

Ernie, we have an embarrassment of riches, image-wise (and new, recent discoveries in the archives), but only so much time to blog. However, because you're our most devoted commenter, on YOUR behalf we've felt guilty sidelining the Flora blog. We hope to post images once again on a regular basis, along with some interesting developments in Flora-land.

BETOWERS said...

Thanks for the inspiration!!!

Always great, this blog :)