Wednesday, February 6, 2008 updated

Some long overdue updates at, including recent News briefs on the homepage, a one-sheet about the just-released limited edition Jazz Quintet fine art print, and a glimpse at the forthcoming Primer For Prophets silk-screen series on the Merchandise page.

On the Miscellany page, you can download a pdf of a terrific January 2008 article ("Lowbrow Genius") about Flora that appeared in Knoxville Metro Pulse. The article also appears online, but the print version (as pdf) contains a lot of Flora art that wasn't posted online.

Finally, the NOT FLORA gallery continues to grow. This page catalogs LP covers which look suspiciously like Flora's handiwork, but were NOT illustrated by our guy. When you find what you think is a rare, undiscovered gem, curb your enthusiasm until you check this collection of faux Floras.

Bonus: This video has nothing to do with Flora, but we've watched it twelve (!) times and laughed so hard we almost coughed blood.

Thanks much to Jeff Winner for the tech support and design guidance.

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