Saturday, July 28, 2007

Flora in Juxtapoz

The August issue of Juxtapoz magazine includes a feature article on Jim Flora, written by someone named Irwin Chusid (who denies responsibility for the article's poorly constructed sentences, mangled syntax, bad grammar, and blown punchlines; to quote Erich von Stroheim, it was edited by "someone who had nothing on his mind but his hat").

Regardless of the feature's narrative flaws, the Flora works reproduced therein are magnificent, and include the late 1940s painting The Rape of the Stationmaster's Daughter, the 1951 woodcut Railroad Town, the 1951 tempera 63rd Street, and several commercial illustrations. Bonus: the article reveals in sordid detail the Flora-Elvis connection!

Update (Jan 08): We posted the unedited text (sans typos) at

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